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The Best of Robin Williams @

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Round Robin with Robin Williams The complete three-part interview James Lipton conducted with Robin on Inside the Actors Studio. Robin talks about his early childhood through his early career in television playing "Mork." Then, his early films and his groundbreaking 1986 solo comedy show at the Met. Finally, Robin talks about some of his best-known roles, in Mrs. Doubtfire, The Fisher King, and Good Will Hunting. Also in this collection, Robin's on stage in front of a San Francisco audience with author, humorist, and funny family man Calvin Trillin.

Robin Rocks Out Robin Williams rocks out with some of the best musicians around on his very own interview program, Robin Williams @ He kicks back with Bonnie Raitt, reminisces with David Crosby, and follows up with Huey Lewis.

Robin Gets Physical Robin Williams explores the physical world as part of his show Robin Williams @ In 2000, Robin spoke with champion cyclist and three-time Tour de France winner - not to mention gunshot survivor - Greg LeMond just a week before LeMond took off on the Tour. Robin Williams talks with one of his idols, Dr. Oliver Sacks, a neurologist who has specialized in the treatment and study of many neurological disorders. Then Robin's in the studio with one of the top five tennis players in the world - Andre Agassi - sharing stories of changing diapers and sleepless nights.

Novelty Writers Robin talks with novelist/screenwriter John Irving about orphans, medical research, and disaffected Democrats. Robin and Harlan Ellison bounce through topics as diverse as Martian gargoyles, computer vampires, little people vs. midgets, and the genius of Lenny Bruce. Science fiction writer Robert Silverberg talks about the world of science fiction writing and "this debased and perverted era" in which we live.

Robin Talks with Newsmakers Robin's at the mic with "the most trusted man in America," newsman Walter Cronkite. They talk about sailing, the unfortunate nature of computer terminology, and, finally, about politics. Speaking of politics, Robin gets deep with former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. Robin also talks with photojournalist and celebrity photographer Arthur Grace. Plus, Robin talks with Phil Bronstein, senior vice president and executive editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, Sharon Stone's husband, and former Komodo dragon treat.

Robin Talks with Classic Funnymen It's all hijinx in this special collection of RobinWilliams @! When Robin sits down with one of his favorite influences, Jonathan Winters, they talk about gasoline as a viable beverage, flatulence, marijuana, dead cow milk, Orville Wright's sense of humor - and then they get down to business. Then, hear how it all began with the first two episodes of the show - an off-kilter conversation with former Monty Python member Eric Idle. Stay tuned as Robin and Cheech Marin get in a studio with open mics - it's a bit like walking a pyromaniac into a kerosene plant with a lighted Zippo. And, if your sides are still intact, Robin's in the studio with old friend and legendary comedian Buddy Hackett.

Robin Goes Hi-Tech Venture deep into the surprising and enigmatic mind of innovative director-screenwriter George Lucas. Robin's first sit-down with George Lucas was after The Phantom Menace was released; the second just before Attack of the Clones hit theaters. Then, Academy Award winning animator and founder of Pixar, John Lasseter, talks about the process of making animated characters come to life and gives a "Where are They Now" update of our favorite Toy Story characters. Bing Gordon, co-founder of the video game company Electronic Arts, talks with Robin about how far video games have come and why Sim City is such a hit.

Robin Loves Broadway Once upon a time Robin Williams and Nathan Lane found each other in The Birdcage - and now they're here and together again! Then, Harvey Fierstein starts his interview saying, "I've got gas" and it's all downhill from there - or uphill, if you've got a sense of humor. And, as part of The New Yorker Festival, Juilliard alumnus Robin Williams sat down at New York City's Juilliard School for an interview with legendary New Yorker writer Lillian Ross.

Contemporary Comedians Robin and Whoopi Goldberg talk about going on the road after all these years. Billy Crystal shares his earliest showbiz memories. Bobcat Goldthwait talks about developing his own style. Greg Proops talks about finding material in international travels.

Famous Friends Bonnie Hunt reminisces about her days as a registered nurse and sharing the same hometown (Chicago) with Robin. Susan Sarandon talks about being the brainy, hip kid in her big public school and the law of diminishing returns when balancing work and family. Jeff Bridges and Robin share stories of staged fight scenes that got a little too real and the lessons you learn from your family.

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