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101 Ways to Transform Your Life A wonderful collection of "thoughts" that can lift the listener up each day, this audiocassette is filled with Dr. Dyer's profound wisdom, wit and insight.

Be the Best You Can Be : Self Hypnosis & Subliminal The most unique self hypnosis tape of it's kind, covering a wide array of self help topics on one tape, that would normally require the purchase of several tapes! Be The Best You Can Be helps you become just that - your best! This tape can help you achieve your goals, increase motivation, conquer fear, stop procrastination, and improve self confidence & esteem. This tape will also help you relieve stress, frustration, anger and helps motivate you to a more positive way of feeling and thinking. Be the best you can be also promotes good health habits, rejuvenates the mind & body so you can take on daily routines with energy and enthusiasm!

Feeling Fine : Energizing Affirmations to Help You Feel Great Every Day! Positive affirmations about one's self and one's body. This light, fun tape is great to listen to while exercising, driving, working around the house, or any time one's spirit needs a lift.

Healing Journey The words and music on this tape are designed to facilitate the healing process it can ease a headache or muscle tension, or help speed recovery from illness.

How to Be Positive A powerful and soothing way to communicate with your inner mind to achieve goals, this subliminal cassette contains audible verbal messages on one side and the same messages under the sound of soothing music on the other. "How to Be Positive" helps listeners protect themselves from negativity and makes them think, feel, and be more positive.

I'd Rather Laugh : How to Be Happy Even When Life Has Other Plans for You Linda Richman teaches people how to handle suffering through laughter. She's so good at it that she teaches a seminar on the topic at the posh Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Arizona. But she speaks from some harrowing experiences. Several friends and relatives have battled cancer. Her 29-year-old son died in a car crash. Her depressed, institutionalized mother died a few days later after falling into a coma (her final words to her daughter: "Linda, you got fat"). In case you're thinking, "Sheesh, how depressing, who wants to read about that stuff?" think again. Her friend Rosie O'Donnell, who wrote the foreword, raves about "Linda-isms." Richman is a modern-day Norman Cousins, but she talks like your best friend--a very witty, resilient friend--offering an inspiring tribute to the power of humor.

Improve Your Life With Positive Imaging Are you looking for a way to make your life better? To improve your relationships? To solve your money problems? Listen to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, the father of positive thinking, as he reveals the secret of positive imaging, the powerful way you can change your life. Positive imaging is the ability to vividly picture in your mind a desired goal or objective. As you hold that picture in your mind, its strength ultimately releases your great untapped energies, enabling you to solve problems, banish loneliness, improve health, deepen faith, and relate to others more successfully.

Nlp Neuro-Linguistic Programming : Health and Well-Being The latest advances in neuroimmunology prove without doubt that we can influence our health by changing our thoughts. This introductory tape shows how we can use NLP, one of the fastest growing areas of applied psychology, to begin to feel better and live longer. Whether you are ill or just want to feel better, these exercises will reduce your stress and promote well-being.

Self-Healing : Loving Affirmations for Achieving and Maintaining Optimum Health (Subliminal Series) Loving affirmations designed to help dissolve negative, diseased beliefs and replace them with positive, peace-filled thoughts in order to achieve and maintain optimum health. Sample affirmation: "I choose to get well." Subliminal Mastery Series.

Sound Healing Cassette : Balance Mind and Body These precisely tuned sound waves are designed to guide listeners into the specific delta brain wave patterns that are associated with the release of growth hormones, beneficial for healing and regeneration.

Turning Hurts into Halos and Scars into Stars Pastor and motivational speaker Robert H. Schuller is perhaps most renowned for his weekly "Hour of Power" church service, broadcast worldwide from the glass Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. In Turning Hurts into Halos, Schuller uses his storytelling skills and personal anecdotes to explain the spiritual role of pain and suffering. "Hurts" can ultimately make us stronger, more faithful people, crowning us with angelic halos, Schuller claims. He refers to his wife's recent heart surgery, his own brain surgery, his daughter losing a leg in a motorcycle accident, and the humiliation he endured after being wrongfully accused and sued for assaulting a flight attendant (he was acquitted). Through his personal pain and by helping others who have endured much worse shame and loss, Schuller has learned the value of holding onto hope, turning to God, and gaining perspective on one's pain.

You Can Heal Your Life The four tapes in this collection describe our emotional ills and methods for curing them. Louise Hay has practiced successfully as a therapist for many years; her doctrines and exercises have a huge following. In the audio presentations her delivery is clear and energetic. Her voice and speech are conversational. No matter what bias one brings to the listening, the material offers much to think about. J.P. (c)AudioFile, Portland, Maine

You Can Prevent Breast Cancer! Harvey Diamond presents a new outlook on breast cancer-prevention! He draws on well-documented scientific information to create a health program that can prevent and treat breast cancer naturally without invasive surgeries or drugs. By concentrating on diet, exercise, and the power of the mind to facilitate healing, women can take charge of their health and avoid debilitating treatments for breast cancer. You CAN Prevent Breast Cancer! sends a welcome message.

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A IS FOR ATTITUDE A is for Attitude provides a blueprint for a successful life and shows you how to stop making excuses that keep you from venturing beyond where you are.

EXPECT A MIRACLE The Miraculous Things that Happen to Ordinary People This inspiring spiritual audiobook will appeal to patrons from many different religious backgrounds. Best-selling author Dan Wakefield leads listeners on a rich and illuminating tour of the miracles in everyday life. This tour includes miracle stories ranging from the birth of a child to the gift of friendship, along with testaments from celebrities such as singer Judy Collins and best-selling author Michael Crichton. Expect a Miracle is a warm, wise, and wondrous book for all people looking for an uplifting listening experience.

REINVENTING MEDICINE In Reinventing Medicine, Dr. Dossey provides scientific and medical evidence that spiritual tools such as prayer, dreams, coincidence and intuition have measurable, powerful, and profound effects on how we heal.

TIME ON FIRE My Comedy of Terrors Evan Handler vividly chronicles his surprisingly uplifting struggle in fascinating detail from his diagnosis with acute leukemia at the age of 24 to his cure five years later. Riveting, real and utterly unflinching, Time on Fire is a remarkable memoir of hope in the face of a devastating illness. Handler recounts a bizarre, sometimes uproarious five-year journey in and out of hospitals, and an equally arduous return to the life he left behind. With diligence and care, he portrays himself, fellow patients, medical professionals, and the desperate horrors of chemotherapy. He records-with astonishing precision and passion-the full emotional range of his experience. The result is a bracing, achingly poignant account of his determination to reclaim his life. Glowing with uncommon insights and uncompromising honesty, Time on Fire is a testament to one man's bravery and to the endurance of the human spirit.


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