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Sony CCDTRV37 Sony 8MM Camcorder- CCDTRV37/ 2.5 Inch Color LCD/ Built-In Speaker/ Built-In Video Light/ 20x Optical & 200x Digital Zoom/ NightShot Infrared System/ Black And White Viewfinder/ Free Camera Case & Tripod

STL Ez-Up Inversion Rack The EZ-Up Rack is dual bar inversion rack which mounts in your doorway. This wonderful exercise device also doubles as a chin-up bar and literally requires no floor space. Who should use the EZ-Up Rack? This product is ideal for the physically fit athlete who is looking for a way to decompress after a workout. The EZ-Up Rack is used with Gravity Boots to invert at a full 90 degree angle. While inverted, you can conduct inverted sit-ups, squats, and rotational stretches.

The Camera Zone

ELPH Sport Underwater APS Camera Specially designed so you can shoot while wearing goggles, the camera is equipped with a Big Viewfinder for greater visibility. The large format controls are easy to operate even when you're wearing gloves. Underwater, the Macro Mode uses the water's refractive properties to produce razor sharp images. On land, Active Auto Focus gives you photos you'll be proud to call your own. ELPH SPORT has a powerful built-in flash with five versatile modes like Red-Eye Reduction to give eyes a natural sparkle, Slow-Sync to illuminate background details and Underwater Macro Mode for perfectly lit underwater close-ups. ELPH SPORT lets you show it when you imprint your choice of five fun captions on the back of your pictures. Or you can imprint the date and time on the back, front or both sides of your prints to save the memory. Waterproof down to 16.4 feet, it's so incredibly light, it even floats. And it's as impressive on land as it is in water. The rugged construction is impact resistant, so you don't have to "baby" it. There's even an anti-condensation feature that keeps your lens from fogging up in cold environments.

Home Electronics - Consumer Direct

Caller ID on your TV! The Theater 3002 is a caller ID for your TV! Watch TV and when the phone rings, the number of the party calling you appears on the screen (requires caller-ID service). Know who is calling without getting up out of your chair to check your caller ID. This also acts as a modulator for a device on UHF channels 14-69 or cable channels 60-94 & 100-125. No more messy A-B switches to go from a local channel to your VCR or satellite. Enjoy the convenience of knowing who is calling as well as cleaning up your wiring nightmare with the Cable Electronics 3002!

Peerless Black 20-inch Wall Mounted TV Stand Hang your 19- or 20-inch TV set from the wall with this mount from Peerless. It will expand your viewing area and keep the controls out of reach from the children. Enjoy TV from your bed much more without having to bend your neck. The mount swivels and tilts.

Studio Acoustics 8-inch Planter Speaker If you are looking for a totally unique way of adding a speaker to your sunroom, patio, porch, or deck, you have to give this one a try! Features Driver: 8-inch; Tweeter: 2-inch; Impedance: 8 Ohms; Frequency Resp: 40-20KHz; Power Handling: 150 Watts; Includes Stand.

Studio Acoustics Landscape Rock Speaker (Grey) Features Driver: 8-inch; Tweeter: 1/2-inch; Impedance: 8 Ohms; Sensitivity: 89db; Frequency Resp: 50-20KHz; Power Handling: 100 Watts; 30-feet of direct burial speaker wire included.

Cook Brothers

Sharp Home Theater System 150 watts Dolby pro-logic 6 speaker surround sound system including deep bass subwoofer. Dolby pro-logic receiver with AM/FM digital tuner, remote control, X-bass 150 watts Dolby pro-logic 6 speaker surround sound system including deep bass subwoofer.

Sharp Stereo System Sharp 180 watts pro-logic mini system. Dolby pro-logic surround sound. 3-disc CD changer, AM/FM digital turner, X-bass, remote control, 60 watt per ch. Front, 30 watts center, 15 watts per ch. Rear 5 speakers, 6 mode pre-programmed electronic equalizer.


Lava Lite® Lamp Their retro lava lamp in your choice of bold primary colors that will coordinate wonderfully with a Tie-Dye Comforter or Butterfly Chair. Includes a 40-watt bulb. On/off switch on cord. UL listed. USA. The Lava Lite® Lamp and its configuration are registered trademarks of Haggerty Enterprises.

RSQ CGK-90 CD/CDG/Cassette Karaoke System Comes with 9-disc sample pak, Full Range Speaker System, Top Loading CD+Graphics Player, Cassette Player & Recorder, 2 Mic Inputs with Separate Volume Control and more.

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Rex 6000 MicroPDA w/Serial Docking Station Rex 6000 is the World's Smallest Lightest Full-Function MicroPDA. Xircom's REX 6000 Micro PDA is incredibly small and powerful - not to mention practical, fun and easy-to-use! Packed with features, it stores thousands of entries and manages your contacts, calendar and tasks. It fits into your laptop computer's PC Card (PCMCIA) slot for instant connection to your contacts, appointments, to-do lists and more, and it supports Microsoft Outlook and Intellisync Desktop software (included), so you can quickly exchange and backup information between your REX 6000 Micro PDA and your notebook PC. You can also download custom Web content by using Xircom's utility. The REX 6000 Micro PDA's high-resolution touchscreen displays (8) "home" icons, (8) Web icons and (8) Control Panel settings. An on-screen keyboard makes data input easy. (5) exterior buttons allow for easy, single-handed navigation of the REX 6000's various screens and functions. The REX 6000 Micro PDA comes with (2) 3-volt lithium batteries and features a 2MB non-volatile flash memory, so data isn't lost when the batteries come out.

Altec Lansing THX Certified Dolby Digital Desktop Speaker System Altec Lansing introduces a six channel, Dolby® Digital THX-certified speaker system combining 120 watts of pure power, sophisticated electronic circuitry and patented speaker technology to bring crisp, powerful audio to your gaming arena or your new digital home theater. The detachable surround satellites create the ultimate surround sound multimedia environment!

Dentapure The space-age toothbrush holder that sanitizes while it stores! Not just a pretty accessory, DentaPure is a vital addition to the bathroom of the health conscious family. With 4 universal toothbrush slots and a cover that can be used as a mug, DentaPure radiates ultra-violet light that effectively and safely kills germs that fester on toothbrushes. Complete with wall-mount bracket, DentaPure keeps toothbrushes hygienic and sanitary, prevents spread of germs and promotes oral health.

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Advent AW-870 Wireless Speaker Comes with non parallel wall design which inimizes internal distortion. Two-way system produces produces full frequency response.

Torso Track 2 Torso Track 2 provides a comfortable abdominal workout. Just glide back and forth across the track and you're attacking all of the abdominal muscles. Better yet, you are also firming and toning your chest, shoulders, and back.


Cambridge SoundWorks MusicWorks 200 Stereo System The MusicWorks center section has an AM/FM tuner, a single CD player, a multi-function LCD display, digital clock, and a preamp-level output designed to drive powered multimedia loudspeakers. The four-position preset equalizer includes Rock, Jazz, Classical, and Normal modes, enabling you to recreate different acoustic environments. The SoundWorks Digital speaker package is a three-piece amplified speaker system that includes a powered subwoofer. SoundWorks Digital delivers wide-range, natural sound with high-powered bass. Try it out risk-free for 45 days!
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Largan L-mini 350 Digital Camera Features include a picture counter, high and low resolution, a built-in automatic flash with three modes, a self timer and auto exposure. Comes with accessories including a case and wrist strap, a lithium battery, Mr. Photo v.1.5, and Photo Designer 1.0. - America's Favorite Computer Mall!

C-211 Zoom Digital Printing Camera 2.1 MegaPixel 1600 x 1200 3X Optical Zoom 8MB Smart Media USB. The C-211 Zoom is a digital camera that you can actually make prints from!

Personal Creations

Silverplated Computer Mouse Upgrade your desktop with this silver-plated mouse from Wallace Silversmiths. (Not compatible with Apple Macintosh computers.) Your three initials, engraved across the top, add a rich finishing touch. Complete with mouse pad and elegant gift box. Standard computer mouse plated in silver.

Digimax 35MP3 The all in one solution for digital music, images and Internet video conferencing: Digital still camera, Web camera, MP3 player, Headphones included (Additional memory required). Take pictures, listen to music, and chat with friends and family over the internet. Enjoy the fantastic entertainment tools for the internet. You can create Panorama, Animation, and 3D images using the Samsung e-MaxManager 1.0 included in this package: Stitch series of images you have taken with the camera to create a 360 degree panorama; Edit your images to create animations and simulated 3D objects. Edit and manipulate images to create your own masterpiece. Includes Samsung Digimax 35MP3 Digital Camera, Strap, Soft Case, Samsung e-maxManager CD-ROM, USB Cable, Stereo Headphone, 3D Tripod Stand, 3D Glasses, Alkaline Battery, Quick Start Guide, and Warranty Card.

Kodak DC215 Zoom Millennium 2000 Edition Kodak DC215 Zoom Digital Camera, Wrist Strap, Lens Cover, 8 MB Kodak Picture Card, 4 AA Alkaline Batteries, Serial cable for Windows and Macintosh Systems, SanDisk USB Card Reader, and Video Cable. It offers an outstanding value for creative picture takers. The gold-toned, metal-skinned body contains features like megapixel resolution, 2x true optical zoom and 1.8in. color LCD. The award-winning interface makes the DC215 a snap to use, so you can focus on your creativity.

eTrex GPS Receiver Get GPS mapping in a smart, sleek design with the Garmin eTrexT handheld receiver. Its compact design features operating buttons on both side, allowing more room for front screen display. With easy-to-follow menus and logical operations, eTrex is ideal for use under any conditions, on land or at sea.

StreetFinder GPS for the Palm III Looking to take the hassle out of everyday travel? Clip the StreetFinder GPS receiver to your Palm III handheld and you're good to go. This complete, portable navigational tool allows you to download customized maps from the StreetFinder software to your Palm III, along with address-to-address directions accessible via the Internet. Don't have a Palm III? Get StreetFinder GPS for the Palm V or StreetFinder GPS for Laptop PCs.


Full Spectrum 20-Watt CF Ott Light If you want the benefits of full spectrum lighting, but can't bear to part with your antique lamp or fixture, this is the bulb for you. Not only does the standard edison base fit almost all lamps (plus many track lighting systems and recessed fixtures), but it offers all the environmental advantages of a compact fluorescent, producing full spectrum lighting equivalent to a 75-watt incandescent while using only 20 watts of electricity. Made by the original manufacturer of quality Full Spectrum lighting products, the Ott 20-Watt Full Spectrum CFL is the easiest way to boost your well-being without replacing fixtures and lamps.


Palmpix Turn Your Palm Handheld Into A Digital Camera! Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use, PalmPix lets you frame, take, view and transfer pictures to your Palm through its serial connector. Take 24-bit color VGA pictures and review your images in color on the Palm IIIc LCD, or view images in grayscale on other models. You can then transfer to your desktop or laptop just like your other data using the HotSync cradle. PalmPix includes a 2X digital zoom (VGA 640 x 480 mode only) to help you get closer to the action.

Pencam II VGA Trio Digital Camera The ALL NEW AND IMPROVED 3-in-1 Digital BLAST. It is a Digital Camera, a Web Cam and yes, it even takes video clips--all while held in the palm of your hand! This camera works both as a web cam when hooked up to your computer and as a hand held camera to take anywhere when used by itself. The PenCam 2 now has true VGA and 640 x 480 resolution for bigger and brighter pictures. Standing under 5 inches, this FUN device comes loaded with even more software than before, so when you start taking pictures your ability to manipulate, send and store your images will be quick and simple with endless possibilities.

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Aqua Frame Picture-frame "aquarium" is amazingly realistic. Three tropical fish swim with lifelike realism. Add water, fish and switch on. Hidden magnets keep fish moving. Novelty picture frame is a fun way to show family snapshots. Comes with undersea photo.

Ionic Breeze Car Air Purifier Your car can be among the most polluted environments--a place where you and your passengers can spend hours breathing irritating, fatiguing air filled with smog, exhaust, pollen, dust, bacteria and other contaminants. This sleek new device traps airborne pollutants on electrostatically charged rings, removes charged particulates with negative ions, and neutralizes odors with freshening ozone. Within minutes, you'll really notice a difference--you'll feel more comfortable and more alert!

Insector, The Bug Collector Get rid of flies, moths, mosquitoes and all kinds of other unwanted flying-insect guests - without any electric zaps or pops; without any gooey adhesives; without any noxious poisons. The especially attractive (to bugs) blue light will lure flying insects toward a down-drafting fan that will push them into an inescapable trap in its base, where they perish naturally. Clean-up is quick, easy and clean - just unscrew the base and empty the trap.

NoiseBuster Extreme Headphones These active noise cancellation headphones are generating precise "anti-noise" waves to neutralize irritating engine and cabin sounds. An included two-prong adapter lets you enjoy in-flight music or actually hear every word of the movie. The pocket-size audio pack can also be plugged into your personal stereo, tape, or CD player--any portable audio device. You can enjoy music with or without noise cancellation. VariActiveTM; control lets you adjust the ambient noise reduction to suit your surroundings.

Personal Cooling System 2.0 It's the best way to stay comfortable - and avoid heat stress - when walking, mowing, gardening, watching sports or concerts...just about any activity, anywhere. The wearable invention houses a patented, miniature evaporative-cooling system. Just fill with a few ounces of water, place around your neck and switch it on: A quiet motor drives a tiny fan that creates the evaporative cooling; flexible sides hold aluminum cooling plates against your neck - and your entire body enjoys up to four hours of relief.

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AVerKey iMicro PC/Mac-To-TV Scan Converter Use your TV as a monitor for your PC or laptop! Plug-n-Play, no software drivers required; Compatible with IBM PC, MACs and Laptops; Supports resolution up to 1024 x 768; Simultaneous display on computer and TV monitors; Zoom and Pan; Supports Composite/S-video/Scart RGB video output.

Game Boy Color With a stunning 32,000 different colors available, Game Boy Color gives developers a truck load of color variations. This is made possible by the breakthrough technology of reflective type LCD screens manufactured by Sharp. Each and every game which works on your Game Boy or Game Boy Pocket will be compatible with Game Boy Color.

Jensen 900MZ Wireless Internet Audio Transmitter Just as the Internet opens you to a world of endless possibilities, the Matrix Internet Audio Transmitter frees you of its limitations. Stream music and live events, listen to your favorite downloads - including MP3, WAV and VQF files - on your home stereo system. The MATRIX uses 900 MHz technology to send crisp clear sound through walls, floors and ceilings-even outdoors. Simply connect the MATRIX transmitter to your computer.

KLH HT-9930 Three-Piece Surround Speaker System KLH designed its three-piece HT-9930 for people who already have a pair of stereo speakers and are ready to turn their systems into five-channel home theaters without spending a fortune. The HT-9930 brings together a center-channel and two rear-channel speakers for less than $100, a bargain any way you cut it. With the HT-9930, KLH has funneled its years of speaker-making experience into a remarkably good little add-on home-theater rig. If your budget is limited and you wish to dip your toes into 5- (or 5.1-) channel sound, it's hard to think of a better place to start.

Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 USB PC Video Camera w/Built-in Mic Express yourself with high quality pictures and videos. Use its built-in microphone to make live video calls to friends and family over the Internet and send e-mail with pictures and videos. Create a Web Cam or broadcast live video and audio over the web via

Monsoon MH500 Flat Panel Speaker System The MH-500 Multimedia Speaker System combines the best of Monsoon's State-of-the-Art flat panel technology with conventional cone technology to create the most competitively priced Monsoon flat panel speaker product on the market. This system provides exceptional clarity in the high frequencies and dynamic 'front row center' sound quality in the midrange. A ported subwoofer generates plenty of bass for excellent gaming.

Nokia 8260 Red Pepper Nokia's newest phone, the 8260 places a wealth of functions and convenience in a stylish package small enough to fit in your hand. Other features include 2-way messaging capabilities, caller ID, multi-language options, vibrating call alert, and much more.

Pine D Music PALMP-3 MP3 Player 32M The Palmp-3 is one of the smallest and coolest MP3 players on the market. With 32mb of memory, you can record you favorite music or over an hour of voice recording or school lectures. You can even save up to 100 phone numbers. As the Palmp-3 comes in 4 colors and with a belt clip, neck string and cool back neck headphones, you will be set for anything that comes your way.

Whistler Radar/Laser Detector with Text The Whistler DE975 laser/radar detector provides 360-degree Total Perimeter Protection. The convenient text display provides highly visible messages alerting you to the status of the radar. VG-2 Cloaking Technology alerts you to the presence of VG-2 police surveillance and conceals your radar. The DE975 also provides advanced warning of all safety radar including the new Safety Warning System.

Aqua Jogger A full-body water workout: just strap on and go! Get in on water-fitness fun and get a great aerobic workout plus muscle toning without stressing your joints. AquaJogger® buoyancy belt is designed for women, with a contoured shape for fit and comfort. AquaRunner® slip onto the feet, increasing surface area for greater resistance and toning of the legs. DeltaBells® strengthen arms with a triangular shape that increases your work load, whichever direction you move. Use them as flotation aids for abdominal crunches and lower leg workouts, too.

Casio Wearable Digital Camera You may feel like a spy with this inconspicuous wrist camera, but consider the endless possibilities and conveniences of having a digital camera literally on hand! The features are incredible. Visual databank allows up to 24 characters of text. Memory for up to 100 images. 16-grayscale monochrome STN monitor screen serves as a view finder. Multiple recording modes. Water resistant under normal, daily use. Oh, and it's a watch, too - with alarm mode, stopwatch and more.

Learn to Levitate Defy Gravity! Learn the secrets of levitation! You will learn how to make objects float in mid-air. Float money, matches, cards, knives, canes balls and for the ultimate leviation...YOURSELF! It's true. With no special gimmicks, you can create the most perfect illusion of levitating yourself right off the ground. And even more, it's easy to do!

Solar Island Fountain Pump Easily add the delightful sound, color, and aeration of falling water in your garden or on your deck. Just float their newly improved Solar Island in a sunny pond, swimming pool, or deckside water barrel. It sprays up to 20 inches of water and 20 gallons per hour operating as long as you have direct sunlight. No wires: the fully integrated solar panel and filtered pump does it all. Includes a selection of fountain heads for various spray patterns.


Auto Starter® Even When You're Alone, This Charger Starts Your Drained Battery - From Inside Your Car! Not only do you not need jumper cables, you don't even need another car! So if you're stranded in an empty parking lot on a cold winter night, just plug this Auto Starter® into the cigarette lighter socket, and in minutes you're ready to go! Powerful sealed alkaline battery inside has the power (5 amps, 14.5 volts) to let you start your vehicle from the warmth and safety of your car's interior! Guaranteed by the manufacturer to work in sub-zero temperatures. Also provides 12v DC power at campsite, or on a boat or RV. Recharges in cigarette lighter socket.

Instant Marinater® Marinates and tenderizes meat, chicken, fish and vegetables in just five minutes, thanks to the vacuum you create inside with the pump attachment. That vacuum opens the pores and fibers of the food for a deep, instant, marinate! (Equal to an hour the old-fashioned way.) It's a quick, easy way to add extra flavor to the food, and protect it from drying out in your oven, stovetop or grill. Dishwasher-safe.

Lifting Lever Lifts up your heavy appliance or furniture so you can clean, fix the rug, or slip a few sliding pads underneath. Raises up to 250 lbs. 2 inches off the floor without straining... just step on it! Heavy duty steel lever includes a pivoting base plate with foam pad that helps prevent marring of floor. Foot pedal also pivots.

Monitor Organizer Reclaim lost desktop space! Over-monitor organizer keeps everything you need as close as possible, yet off your desk: pens, note pads, floppies, zip disks, DVDs, DAT tapes, scissors, CDs, manuals, speakers, envelopes, paper clips. Sturdy shelves-one full-width, six narrow (of which four are adjustable)--and three top-shelf dividers give you endless set-up possibilities. Adjusts to fit on any 14in to 17in monitor. Self-stick pads included help keep it in place.

Power Tip The reception enhancing technology behind the Power Tip will help you enjoy improved reception on your car radio or portable radio (or even a cordless phone). Simply slide the Power Tip onto the end of the existing antenna and the internal copper disc helps you experience better reception, increased range, and less frustration. No electricity or batteries needed. Power Tip Gold is crafted with 24k gold plated circuitry, to pump up reception on your cellular phone and lessen dropouts. Also works on boom boxes and TVs!


Double Quick II Hi-Output Air Pump The Double Quick II Hi-Output Air Pump pumps air on both up and down strokes providing double the volume of air in half the strokes. The accordion style hose comes with 3 nozzle sizes to fit most valves. The body is durable and made of light-weight plastic. Pump measures 14 inches tall.


Corex CardScan Executive New CardScan Executive Version 5 is a scanner/software combination that transforms business card clutter into powerful electronic data, without typing. It includes a faster, sleeker dedicated business card scanner with both USB and pass-thru parallel ports for easy installation. The software accurately organizes information into the correct fields of an electronic Rolodex and now reads international and two-sided cards. At the touch of a button, CardScan synchronizes with your Palm-connected organizer, Windows CE device and most digital mobile phones. New AutoSync automatically synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, Lotus Notes, and many more contact managers.

Mini Water Dispenser We all know that we should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy. But who can keep track? Now it's easy with this fun, and functional, Mini Water Dispenser. Just fill and chill the resealable 8-glass bottle with water, juice, iced tea, etc., and keep it handy on your desk or countertop. Once empty, you know you've met your needs for the day!

Countertop Dishwasher This new portable, countertop dishwasher functions as a full size dishwasher but is compact in size and styled similar to the microwave oven. At only 17 inches high, it fits easily on any countertop and holds 4 (four) full size settings. It also features a stainless steel interior and quick connect to any kitchen tap (adapter included).

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The Affirmation Station The Affirmation Station digital recording alarm clock gradually lulls you to sleep and wakes you with your personal affirmation in your own voice. Affirmations are proven self improvement techniques using positive thoughts to change beliefs. Just record your affirmation by speaking into the clock, then once a minute for 10 minutes your meassage is repeated at a gradually decreasing rate. In the morning, the alarm triggers your message at a gradually increasing volume followed by Tibetan bells.

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Electric Windshield Scraper Create your own spring thaw with this heated scraper. Built-in heating element removes ice and snow without your breaking a sweat or busting a knuckle. Just plug it into your lighter outlet and put it to work using the extra-long 14-ft. cord. Features a rugged, no-slip grip, ice-breaking scraper teeth, rubber-tipped squeegee & LED power light.

Fart Phone Amaze family and friends with the world's first farting phone. It works like a regular phone--except for the dis-stink-tive ringer. Just plug it into any standard wall jack. You can switch from fart to normal ring whenever you feel like it. (But, really, why would you want to?) It makes a great gift for young and old farts alike and anyone else who enjoys a good laugh. Features last number redial, tone/pulse switch, flash and mute buttons. Desk or wall mount.

Nova Dream Machine Expand Your Mind, Transform Your Life With LUCID DREAMING. Live out fantasies limited only by your imagination. Scientific breakthrough transforms the meaning of sleep. Lucid dreaming means dreaming with full awareness that you are dreaming. Through practice, you can develop increased skill at directing your dreams. Even a small amount of control can transform a dream into the delight of forgetting the cares of waking life. Experience unparalleled adventure & fantasy. Tap creative inspiration. Overcome fears. Transcend reality. Wireless NovaDreamer is worn while sleeping (nothing touches your eyelids) &detects when you are dreaming by sensing the movements of your eyes. You are given a light or sound cue to enter your dream without awakening. With your new lucidity you are free to embark on unlimited adventures.

Panic Button Authentic computer key with double-sided tape is ready to stick to your boss, desktop, telephone, computer, mother-in-law, dashboard...YOU be creative.

Spike Electronic Guard Dog Stop intruders in their tracks and sends them packing! Revolutionary radar alarm automatically sounds off when trespassers draw near 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Super-sensitive radar "sees" motion through doors, glass, even brick walls up to 30 feet away. Emits realistic, fierce canine barks and snarls or piercing siren wails that terrify burglars and vandals. No installation required (or food and water either). Set indoors by the door or outdoors in the yard or on the patio and know instantly when you have uninvited guests. Waterproof unit can be mounted on wall, tree or post with included adjustable bracket.

MindDrive MindDrive is the first computer product operated by human thought - enabling you to use your mind in new ways, and have fun at the same time. It reads your mind from only your finger! Since these signals can be read through the skin, the Mind Drive uses a small sensor that fits on any finger. This FingerSensor reads and instantly transmits your thought signals to a standard PC. Then, the patented MindDrive programs on your PC analyze the unique signal patterns and provide an ongoing indication of the type, size and emotional quality of our thoughts - thereafter translating them into a myriad of software application commands.

NeuroBand The NeuroBand works based on the principles of craniosacral therapy. It applies light and gentle pressure to specific areas of the head, which enhances relaxation, aids in the release of tension, and allows the body to return to its natural state of balance and well-being. Many NeuroBand users report an increase ability to focus and concentrate on tasks, read for longer periods of time, feel more relaxed, and are better able to handle the demands at work. They also state that it reduces stress and relieves many types of discomfort.

The Tingler The Tingler will send shivers down your spine and make your hair stand on end. Your body may erupt in goosebumps as well as drift into a state of pure bliss. The ultimate head massager! Made primarily from copper the Tingler has acts as a conductor--tapping and balancing the unique electrical fields in your body. The effects are immediate and your body may tingle as messages are conveyed down your spine, often reaching as far as your toes.

Electronics 120x60

Iomega HipZip Digital Audio Player Download your favorite tunes from the Internet and play them anywhere! Or copy tracks from your own CDs and listen to them on this tiny, feather-light music player that fits in the palm of your hand. Holds up to 70 minutes of music on low-cost PocketZip disks.

NEXT Super Scooter What could be more fun than scooting along on this Mini Scooter? Deck Measurements: 13.5"L x 4"W

RCA 25-inch Color TV Tune in to the quality and reliability of RCA at a great Wal-Mart price!

Wonderfully Wacky

Awesome Starship Lava Lamp They come in 3 different wonderfully wacky, color combinations: Red Lava Yellow Liquid **** Red Lava Purple Liquid **** Yellow Lava Blue Liquid.

The Silver Bomber Motorized Electric Scooter This is not just another electric scooter but a revolutionary new form of fun and economical transportation. The Silver Bomber is a product that crosses all genders and generations. Its two-speed electric motor will swiftly and safely reach speeds up to 14mph. The dual batteries offer an extended riding time that will average about 2 hours on one full charge. Normal charging time is 8 to 10 hours with the standard charger (included).

Sonic Key Finder The Sonic Key Finder ends hours of hopelessly searching for your keys. All you need to do is clap, whistle or shout. Any loud noise causes the key finder to beep and the light to flash. Uses 2 small button batteries (included).


DeliDome Deluxe Automatic Cat Feeder The Delidome will not only automatically store your cat's kibble in individual portions (safely separated from the included water bowl), but will also feed your cat at intervals throughout the day, offer your cat variety, keep him from overeating, and make mealtime fun! Just fill the individual food balls with a variety of your cat's favorite dry foods, fill the water dish on top, pre-record a personal message that will be played each time a food ball is released, and set the feeding schedule to either two- or four-hour intervals. At the designated intervals, a food ball will roll out, your message will play, and your cat can keep himself entertained by batting the ball around until all the food comes out of it.

Pet Chime Portable Wireless Doorbell Find out when your pets need to go outside without learning the hard way! When your pets step on this portable paw-shaped remote control, it signals a wireless chime. System has a 100-ft. range.

Pet Drinking Fountain Does your pet turn her nose up at her water after it's been standing for several hours? Make your pet's water more appetizing and encourage her to drink more with the Pet Drinking Fountain! This veterinarian-designed "drinking fountain" continuously circulates and filters your pet's water, making it more appealing than standing bowl water. The flowing action breaks the surface tension of the bowl water to draw in oxygen from the air and aerate the water, keeping it fresher-tasting.

Remote Control Audio - Video Switcher Need to add up to four A/V source inputs into your TV or home theater receiver? No problem! This affordable remote controlled A/V switcher lets you do just that and more, quickly and easily! Use it to connect up to four A/V source inputs to two receivers (typically a TV, VCR or a home theater surround-sound receiver). Because the unit supports both composite and S-Video, it accepts virtually any A/V source, including VCRs, DSS satellite receivers, video game consoles, DVD players, LaserDisc players or WebTV receivers.

Composite Video into S-Video Converter Converting ordinary composite video to high resolution S-Video with a common converter can compromise picture quality. But the Entech Composite-to-S-Video Converter (CSVC-1) features CSC Chroma Separator Circuitry for the best possible signal conversion. The CSVC-1 induces significantly less video artifacts of dot crawl and hanging dots than any other passive converter available for the brightest, sharpest picture with exceptional color rendition.

Smartpark 2000 Back-Up System Do you have a difficult time parallel parking or getting into a tight space? Are you worried you'll hit the car behind you when you park, causing costly damage? Let SmartPark 2000 help you park more easily and safely. This high-tech device that looks like a rear reflector installs onto your rear license plate. Activated when your car is put in reverse, it begins to make a constant beeping sound when an object is 2-4 feet behind your car. When the object moves into a closer zone (user-definable, typically 6 inches-2 feet zone), the beeping speeds up and changes pitch to warn you.

Star Trek Phaser Remote Pre-programmed with IR codes for most popular TVs, VCRs, and cable boxes. Simple 5-step programming. Makes phaser fire and other sound effects. Requires 4 AAA batteries, not included.

Talking Caller ID Now there is no need to run back to the Caller ID display when your phone rings. Hear callers announced over the built-in speaker or the handset of any telephone or cordless or phone. The name and number of the caller is announced between the first and second ring. Have call waiting? Get Talking Caller ID with Call Waiting ID instead.

TeleWiz Hook up this unit to your home or office phone line, and it will automatically notify you by pager when someone calls and leaves a message on your answering machine or voice mail. If you don't have a paging service, TeleWiz can notify you by calling a telephone number at an alternate location where you can be reached. TeleWiz sends the call duration and ID of the TeleWiz unit to your pager so you can determine how long the message is and which answering machine picked it up (useful if you install TeleWiz on more than on telephone number). TeleWiz can be set up to capture a caller-entered phone number and forward it to your pager, too.

Wireless Caller ID Put Caller ID anywhere in your home, even up to 100' away from the phone.

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