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Boldchat - FREE Live Chat! Filtered Pet Waterer w/9 MONTHS OF REFILL FILTERS! (Bowls & Feeders)Filtered Pet Waterer Catalog City: The Pet Buffet Water Dispenser provides up to 3 quarts (2.8 liters) at a time of chlorine-free, safe, clean drinking water for pets. Durable design is easy to clean, and features an easy-to-see water level. Great for indoor or outdoor use. Easily replaceable, activated carbon filter removes chlorine, odors and suspended impurities, and should be replaced every 3 months. Buffet comes with one filter, but we've included a 2-pak of replacements, making this one purchase good for almost a full year! Lentek Automatic Pet Dish Six Day Feeder - Model PD06G (Special Needs & Mobility Aids)Lentek Automatic Pet Dish Six Day Feeder Catalog City: Simply program the Automatic Pet DishTM to dispense up to six meals Our Automatic Pet DishTM (PD06) is a quick and easy solution for busy, on-the-go owners. A triggered timer and self-opening food tray will automatically serve pets up to six meals at pre-set times. The Automatic Pet Dish TM stores both wet and dry pet food making it perfect for the overnight or weekend traveler. Removable lid and food trays make the Automatic Pet Dish TM a snap to clean. Selectable feeding intervals of 6,12 or 24 hours Six separat food trays hold approximately 2/3 cups of dry or 5.5 ounces of wet food Helps improve your pets metabolism by regulating its eating habits Removable lid for easy cleaning Durable ABS plastic Includes 2 refreezable inserts to keep foor fresh Ideal for wet or dry food Operates on one 9-volt battery (not included)

PetFoodDirect:: Wardley Weekend Feeder (4 Tablets) (Fish Food)Wardley Weekend Feeder Catalog City: Thinking about going away for the weekend, but don't have anyone to feed your fish? Go ahead, go. The Wardley Weekend Feeder is a simple tablet that you drop into your aquarium before you leave. The tablet will slowly dissolve and release food for up to 3 days. Package contains 4 tablets for 4 full weekends of automatic feeding!

Automatic Pet Feeder, 5 MealsAutomatic Pet Feeder, 5 Meals PetsMart: This automatic feeder keeps your pet on her regular feeding schedule when you can't be there to feed her yourself. Automatic timer opens the lid at the times you select to reveal one serving of food. Can serve up to 5 meals over a 96 hour period (or less if desired).

Super Pet Gravity Bin FeederSuper Pet Gravity Bin Feeder PetsMart: Provides up to a five-day supply of pelleted food for ferrets, guinea pigs or rabbits. Includes mounting bracket.

Blitz Auto-Wata Automatic WatererBlitz Auto-Wata Automatic Waterer PetsMart: Put an end to the dilemma of the empty water dish and be sure that your pet always has fresh water available.

Auto Pet Feeder  - Dogs and CatsAuto Pet Feeder - Dogs and Cats A Trendy Home: Never forget to feed your pet again Promotes better pet health ? they won't overeat Food stays fresh and clean You decide when and how much your pet eats Keeps pet fit and trim Your pets will never miss another meal with the Autopetfeeder, an incredible low-maintenance pet feeder that automatically dispenses your pet's favorite dry food! Just fill the see-through container with pet food, and the Autopetfeeder will release a pre-determined amount of food at any time of day you choose. Designed for either cats or dogs, this remarkable feeder can be programmed to dispense food up to eight times a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

UPCO - The Complete Pet Store In Your Mailbox:: Fresh Flow Waterer (Bowls & Feeders)Fresh Flow Waterer Catalog City: The peaceful sound of trickling water, the ever ready drink for your pet. 50 oz. capacity, plugs into any 110 v outlet. Water filter included.

UPCO - The Complete Pet Store In Your Mailbox:: Petmate Automatic Cat Feeder - Double (Bowls & Feeders)Petmate Automatic Cat Feeder - Double Catalog City: Serves 1 or 2 meals while you are away. Suitable for cats and small dogs. Large, easy to clean compartments. Built in reusable ice pack. Timers on each lid will open any time up to 48hrs. Later. One year guarantee.

Small Automatic Pet Feeder (5lb Capacity)Small Automatic Pet Feeder (5lb Capacity) Active K9: The Auto Pet Feeder is simply the most advanced pet feeding technology in the world. It is different from other pet feeders because it automatically dispenses predetermined amounts of food at the exact times you choose. Whether you're away from home unexpectedly or simply would like one less chore to worry about, you can feel secure that your pet will be cared for and fed on time, everytime. Each feeder comes with a reliable, easy to use timer that lets you program 8 feeds to your pet everyday. To see if the small feeder is right for your pet, compare how much he/she eats in a single serving by looking at this chart Maximum feed size is 3/8 in diameter.

Automatic Fish FeederAutomatic Fish Feeder PetsMart: Automatically feeds your fish on schedule and reduces the risk of over-feeding. Serves up to 14 total meals.

Fresh Flow Electronic FeederFresh Flow Electronic Feeder PetsMart: This electronic feeder regulates the flow of dry food to ensure there's always some available.

Automatic Outdoor Pet FountainAutomatic Outdoor Pet Fountain PetsMart: Replace outdoor water bowls with a stream of fresh, cool water that dogs control themselves. System attaches easily to outdoor hosebib.

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