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Altered States Loosely based on the Paddy Chayefsky novel, this sci-fi spectacle tells the incredible story of a research scientist who experiments with altered states of human consciousness. Great performances and mind-blowing special effects. Academy Award Nominations: Best Sound, Best Original Score.

Capricorn One The government attempts to fake a mission to Mars, but when the astronauts learn that part of the scenario includes a "tragic accident" on the way home, they attempt an escape. A forerunner of the non-stop action suspense movie with terrific aerial stunts and an all-star cast.

Cleopatra Originally a TV miniseries, this lavish production is based on Margaret George's book MEMOIRS OF CLEOPATRA. Gorgeous Leonor Valera stars as the seventeen year-old Queen of the Nile who ruled as the last Pharoh of Egypt for twenty-two years and had a love affair with Julius Caesar which results in a deadly conflict between Rome and Egypt. Directed by Franc Roddam (QUADROPHENIA.)

Earth Girls Are Easy Three furry aliens crash land their ship into a swimming pool belonging to a valley girl nursing a broken heart. After a makeover, the trio emerge as hunks and set out for one wild night on the town with Earth girls. Julie Brown wrote the musical score that features "'Cuz I'm a Blonde."

Falling Down A laid-off defense worker, kept from seeing his child on her birthday by a restraining order, looks at the landscape of moral decay in Los Angeles on one hot, congested day and, after being mugged, snaps. What follows is his bitter and pathetic mission of justice, vengeance and vindication that reads uncomfortably like too many news stories.

Ghost Story Four elderly men who gather once a week to thrill each other with tales of terror find one of their scariest stories coming to life as a woman they mistakenly left for dead fifty years earlier returns to life to gain revenge. A superior, chilling horror film. Based on a novel by Peter Straub.

Highlander - 10th Anniversary Director's Cut Russell Mulcahy's original saga of immortal Scotsman Connor Macleod is updated in this 10th anniversary director's cut featuring never-before-seen footage, the original trailer and commentary by Mulcahy and the film's producers and cast members.

Hitcher A magnanimous young man who picks up a strange hitchhiker on a desert highway on a dark, rainy night soon wishes he had just driven on. The deranged hitchhiker turns the innocent fellow's journey into a living nightmare.

Ladyhawke A haunting adventure fantasy about a pair of cursed lovers who are transformed into animal shapes during alternate periods of the day. Broderick, who provides comic relief, is appealing as the couple's young friend, and ultimately, their rescuer. Academy Award Nominations: 2, including Best Sound, Best Sound Effects Editing.

Metropolis Metropolis, a visionary and elaborate spectacle by director Fritz Lang is an epic projection of a futuristic city divided into a working and an elite class. Its exhilarating climax brings the city to its knees, as the classes clash against each other. In the 21st-Century, a de-humanized proletariat labors non-stop in a miserable subterranean city beneath a luxurious city of mile-high skyscrapers, flying automobiles, palatial architectural idylls, tubes and tunnels. With stunningly inventive special effects, Lang's allegorical narrative and architectural vision creates a highly stylized vision of a not-so-unlikely future (especially for 1926 when the film was made.) As the elite frolic above the clouds, thousands of miserable workers toil night and day inside the belly of the gigantic machine that runs the entire city. Metropolis is controlled by a sinister authoritarian whose son, Freder, rejects his father's callous philosophy and attitude towards laborers. Meek though they are, the workers are encouraged by Maria, a wistful young woman who wills her comrades to embrace patience and silent strength. Upon discovering her influence upon the workers, a mad scientist kidnaps Maria and creates a robot in her image that will incite the workers to revolt. As Freder races against time to save Maria and curtail the damage done by her doppelganger robot, Metropolis is enveloped in chaos and the classes are brought together in a breathtaking and highly moralistic climax.

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life The Python clan are at their bawdy best as they satirize religion, birth control, British politics, and, of course, sex.

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American Pie At a high-school party, four friends (Jim, Kevin, Finch, and Oz) find that losing their collective virginity isn't as easy as they had thought. But they still believe that they need to do so before college. To motivate themselves, they enter a pact to try to be the first to "score." And of course, the senior prom is their last best chance.

Divine Madness A whirlwind of a knockout rock "n" roll, soulful ballads and campy new wave nostalgia, Midler gives 16 numbers everything she"s got, from Do You Want To Dance? To Leader Of The Pack, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy to I Shall Be Released. In between, howl at her tack lounge singer Dolores Delago, the Toast of Chicago. Blush at her renowned tribute to the very blue jokes of Sophie Tucker - and marvel at the innocent raunchiness of it all. The Devine Miss M is your best Bette for entertainment pleasure.

Just Cause A Harvard Law professor reopens a Florida murder case - and is caught in a quicksand pit of violence and deception. Sean Connery and Laurence Fishburne star in a thriller sweating with mystery and tension.

Night Of The Living Dead Guaranteed to frighten you out of your wits, this is the story of seven people barricaded inside a farmhouse while an army of flesh-eating zombies roams the countryside. An unrelenting shockfest that becomes a real cult classic.

Power Richard Gere, Julie Christie and Gene Hackman head an all-star cast in director Sidney Lumet"s suspenseful cutting-edge thriller about political image-making in our media manipulation age.

Psycho III Anthony Perkins recreates his most famous role and makes his directorial debut in this second sequel to Alfred Hitchcock's legendary thriller, which picks up right where Psycho II left off. Once again, the Bates Motel is the site of some nasty doings as the rehabilitated psychopath, Norman Bates (Perkins), attempts to help a disturbed young woman (Diana Scarwid) and a guitar-playing drifter while trying to divert a nosy reporter's suspicions away from Mother.

Arrival I and II A computer hacker learns of the plot of the backwards-Kneed aliens to take over the earth using their shape-Shifting talents.

Die Hard Trilogy 3pk Contains Die Hard, Die Harder and Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Eraser Arnold Schwarzenegger plays John Kruger, a U.S. Marshal who "erases" the lives and identies of peoples entering the Witness Protection Program. Kruger must protect an executive (Vannessa Williams) who's uncovered a deal to put a new superweapon in the wrong hands. It's a do-or-die assignment. So Kruger makes sure he does in a nonstop action spree that includes plunging from an airplane after his parachute, turning ravenous alligators into instant luggage, outbraining killers with hypervelocity weapons. For power-packed excitement, Eraser is unstoppable.

Fortress (1993) The year is 2017. The first child is yours. The second is "theirs." After losing their first baby, John and Karen Brennick dare to have another. Caught trying to cross the border, the ex-war hero and his pregnant wife are sentenced to a sadistic futuristic prison buried 33 stories beneath the earth. Computers control inmates' bodies and minds, and newborn infants are being used to create a new breed of human robots. No one has ever gotten out alive. But not even the most overwhelming technology can extinguish one man's passionate love for his wife and child.

Madonna - Truth or Dare Madonna is perhaps the most postmodern of all pop stars, and this acclaimed documentary is prime evidence of that. Madonna enlisted Harvard graduate Alex Keshishian to follow her around with a camera during her 1991 "Blonde Ambition" tour, and the result is one of the most candid glimpses into a pop star's life and personality ever produced. Concert footage, family visits, dance practice, hotel room makeup sessions, and even a visit to the dentist with then-boyfriend Warren Beatty are just some of the places that Madonna lets us be involved in. This is more than just a fun pop documentary - it is also both a celebration and critique of the invasive, all-encompassing media culture that defines America today.

Millennium Time travel, the fate of air disaster victims and the future of mankind provide the thrilling ingredients for Millennium. In this on-the-edge-of-your-seat sci-fi thriller, Bill Smith (Kris Kristofferson), chief investigator for the NTSB, is sifting through wreckage of two jumbo jets involved in a midair collision when he uncovers a strange alien device amid the rubble. What is it? Where did it come from? His questions are answered when he meets Louise (Cheryl Ladd), a woman from the future whose do-or-die mission is to travel back in time and recover the lost "stunner". Is she running out of time? Will Bill Smith's knowledge of the future jeopardize the course of history? Is the future of mankind now a thing of the past? One thing's for sure... the suspense never lets up.

Millennium Collection Gift Set Contains 10 letterboxed films: Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Ten Commandments, Grease, Apocalypse Now, Top Gun, The Godfather, Star Trek IV, Ghost, Braveheart, Forrest Gump

The Ultimate Scream Collection Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3 and an exclusive DVD/DVD-ROM featuring Collector's Bonus Material!

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea/Fantastic Voyage Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea: The crew aboard an atomic submarine battles saboteurs, giant sea creatures and attacks by enemy submarines as they race to save mankind from global catastrophe. Stunning visual effects and breathtaking underwater photography make this one of the most memorable sci-fi adventure classics of all time. Fantastic Voyage: Shrunk to microscopic size, an elite scientific and medical team enters the bloodstream of an ailing scientist in a desperate effort to save his life. Battling the body's incredible defenses, the crew must complete their mission before time runs out.

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The Best of Sci-Fi DVD 4-pack which contains the films Cyborg 2, Death Machine, Evolver, and Solar Crisis

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