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Back Be Nimble: Designed by a well- known Swedish massage therapist, this must-have item for neck pain sufferers is particularly useful for working out knots in the neck and hard-to- reach shoulder (trapezius) muscles. The ultimate in self massage of the neck and shoulders, it is a highly innovative and durable manual massage tool that easily adjusts to accommodate various size people. Used properly, it can quickly alleviate a tension headache.


Back Be Nimble: The BedLounge is a complete revolution in seating technology! Ergonomically designed by leading back specialist Dr. Rober Swezey, MD., the BedLounge offers a lightweight and highly portable way to have extraordinary comfort and support...wherever you sit!

Foam Bed WedgeFoam Bed Wedge

Back Be Nimble: Ideal for head, foot, or leg elevation. Comfortable & great for reading in bed. Helps to quiet coughs and enhance breathing for those with various respiratory conditions. Also for "Hiatal Hernia" or "esophogeal reflux" sufferers.

Hydro-Massage Hydrotherapy TableHydro-Massage Hydrotherapy Table

Back Be Nimble: Hydromassage provides a non-mechanical type of massage that is far more thorough than hand massage and penetrates deeper into muscle tissues. As tension is released you feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. When your body relaxes, your mind relaxes as well.

Massage M.A.T. ™ Body Positioning CushionMassage M.A.T. ™ Body Positioning Cushion

Back Be Nimble: A Spinal and cervical support and alignment platform that ensures proper skeletal and muscular support and alignment. Eliminate neck pain and muscle stiffness that occurs when you turn your head to the side to lay face down.

Real-Ease™ Neck and Shoulder RelaxerReal-Ease™ Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

Back Be Nimble: A scientifically contoured headrest designed to let you deeply relax. Doctor Riter's Real-Ease is the most advanced cervical neck support in the world. It is so unique that it's patented. It is totally non-toxic and is the simplest, least expensive way to deeply relax your tired, sore neck and shoulders.

T.E.N.S. Dual Channel UnitsT.E.N.S. Dual Channel Units

Back Be Nimble: Tiny free nerve endings secrete a chemical called "substance P" that transmits pain signals to our brain. T.E.N.S. units artificially stimulate free nerve endings, thereby depleting them of substance P, literally stopping the pain signal in its tracks.

Clavicle SplintClavicle Splint

Back Be Nimble: The Clavicle Splint helps promote proper posture. Contoured foam sleeves covered with elastic stockinette to provide patient comfort. Posterior tension distribution system provides even pressure to maintain proper posture.

Good News for Bad BacksGood News for Bad Backs

Back Be Nimble: Dr. Swezey's definitive self-care back relief program and resource book. Using the actual questions Dr. Swezey asks his patients, this book lets the readers quickly identify their level of back pain -- a critical factor in the correct and effective treatment. Good News then coaches them to recovery with Individualized treatments. It guides the reader with graduated activities done at the right time, in the proper amounts and intensities. The book covers every level of back pain from herniated ("slipped") disks to common backaches.

Posture PleaserPosture Pleaser

Back Be Nimble: Posture Pleaser encourages good posture which helps you use proper body mechanics. Wear Posture Pleaser anytime, but especially when you are doing any activity that involves the use of your hands and arms extended in front of your body. Good posture aids in preventing repetitive muscle strain in the upper back, neck and shoulders. When you stand or sit with your arms and hands extended in front of you your line of gravity moves forward. The muscles in your back try to keep your shoulders from rotating forward. Over a period of time these muscles tire and pain occurs. Posture Pleaser acts as a counter- balance to help equalize your center line of gravity in the upper torso, thereby relieving some of the muscle strain.

True Back True Back ®

Back Be Nimble: True Back was originally designed to relieve back pain, stress, tension and improve one's posture. True Back is totally portable, being only two feet long and weighing about four pounds. True Back comes with full instructions, testimonials, evaluation and an instructional video. The new True Back is adjustable, with the foam infills in place the traction effect is mild, remove the infills and the traction effect increases.

Tiger Balm
                 Extra Strength Pain
                 Ointment/Sports RubTiger Balm Extra Strength Pain Relieving Ointment/Sports Rub Tiger Balm has been used by over one-third of the world's population for nearly 100 years. More than 20 million jars are sold each year in 70 countries worldwide because Tiger Balm "Works where it hurts."

Leisure PillowLeisure Pillow

Stress Less: This ergonomically designed pillow provides superior support for your neck, shoulders, back and arms while sitting or reclining. Features adjustable head and lumbar sections with magnets, and side pockets for magazines or the remote. Washable cover in off white.

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